What is the exam experience like?
You will lie on your back and be asked to hold your breath for a short time at various intervals. The scanning process is quiet, private, pain-free and takes less than 15 minutes. There are no injections or dyes.

Does my physician need to provide a referral to Superior Body Scan?
No. Many physicians are referring their patients to Superior Body Scan. Our board-certified internist is always on-site to answer any questions or concerns and to help determine which, if any, of our services are right for you.

Who are we?
We are an integrated part of a dynamic medical practice that has been providing medical care for our local community for over 20 years. We aim to make our services as affordable as possible for the community that we are privileged to serve.
We make sure to take care of the little things--plenty of parking is available right outside, wait times are usually short, and our staff prides itself on personal, friendly service with a smile.

How should I dress for the exam?
Wear comfortable clothes without metal closures, buttons or zippers. Women should try to wear a sports bra and avoid metal supports or underwires. Private changing rooms are available if needed.

Is any special preparation required?
No unusual preparation is needed for the Full Body Scan and Heart and Lung Scans. The Virtual Colonoscopy requires one day of preparation.

How quickly do I get my results?
Following your scan, you will schedule a personal consultation with one of our Board Certified Physicians and discuss the results of your exam. You will also receive a printed report for your personal records, or to share with your physician.

Will my health insurance cover the cost?
Superior Body Scan does not participate in insurance programs for our full body, virtual colonoscopy and heart and lung scans, but some insurers will cover wellness and preventive services such as screening scans.

What type of equipment do you use?
We use ultrafast CT scanning equipment from Siemens, the premier manufacturer of medical imaging devices in the world. We use specially developed, ground-breaking software created by Siemens that minimizes scan exposure while maintaining an excellent image quality.

Can I pay by credit card?
Yes. We accept all major credit cards, as well as personal checks and cash.

Is there a cancellation fee?
Yes. Once your appointment has been confirmed by credit card over the phone, there is a $50 charge if there is a cancellation within 48 hours of your appointment date and time.