The Virtual Colonoscopy
Colon cancer is the second most deadly cancer in America, but it is highly preventable if detected early. Unfortunately, the discomfort of traditional colonoscopy is a deterrent to regular screening.

At Superior Body Scan, our nationally recognized Virtual Colonoscopy uses ultrafast scanning technology to provide a 3-D virtual fly-through of the colon that eliminates the discomfort without sacrificing image quality.

The Superior Virtual Colonoscopy quickly, painlessly and without sedation, examines the colon for abnormalities.
Our technique, also known as CT Colonography, was used by President Obama to screen for colon cancer.

-The Virtual Colonoscopy provides a 3-D virtual fly-through of the colon for colon cancer screening while eliminating the discomfort of traditional colonoscopy
-The exam is fast and performed without sedation
-The Full Body Scan/Virtual Colonoscopy combination also includes a comprehensive study of your major internal organs as well as a Heart Scan to assess your risk for many other diseases including heart and lung disease as well as many types of cancer

As always, our Body Scan and Virtual Colonoscopy exams include, without any additional charge, a consultation with one of our Board-Certified Physicians who will personally discuss the results of your scan and answer any questions you may have.


Each exam is personally supervised by our Board Certified Internist. In less than 15 minutes, we can take clear and precise images of your colon, enabling our Board Certified Radiologist to look for polyps, which may be precursors to cancer. This screening requires only a simple preparation taken orally the day before. After the scan, you can return immediately to your normal routine.



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